Leoni Torres paused his concerts within and outside of Cuba by coronavirus


The cuban singer Leoni Torres paused all his concerts planned in the territory national and international tours, as a measure of containment against the growing pandemic of coronavirus.

“We have decided to postpone all concerts national and international tours as a preventive measure for all that we are living with the COVID-19”, wrote in a statement published on their social networks.

“Nothing is more important than the health of you and our families,” he said.

The interpreter of life is said to his followers that in as much as it contains the coronavirus and the danger has passed, you will return to schedule all of your commitments musical.

“When all this happens we will see”, he concluded.

His followers supported the decision and thanked the artist being responsible to the health crisis that is plaguing the world.

“Wise measure”, “yes That is to have conscience and humanity above all”, “Thank you, you really are the best”, “As always the more sensible and located of all the cuban artists”, “a Very good decision, all will happen and life goes on, now take care”, “The best thing you’ve done. Prevention and responsibility”, some commented.

Others took the opportunity to emphasize that Cuba, which confirmed its first case of coronavirus on Wednesday, should I be taking more drastic measures to protect the citizens.

“In Cuba, should take measures much more drastic as, for example, to begin to close borders with the declaration of the pandemic. Are in time to stop an epidemic difficult to control,” wrote one follower from Italy, the second country most affected by coronavirus, after China.

In Cuba you have already confirmed four cases of coronavirus: three Italian tourists and a cuban Villa Clara. Until this time, the country’s government insists that it is not necessary to close the borders, while thousands of cubans calling for the closure of the airports of the Island as a measure of containment faced with the alarming pandemic.

The coronavirus has already left 5000 dead in the world and has affected more than 100 countries.