Look a perfect COSPLAY Dororo and Hyakkimaru by Kalathras


Kalathras it is a popular youtuber originally from Spain specialized in the animeso do not doubt in showing off your passion for the cosplay in Instagram, being his most recent characterization of the character Hyakkimaru with the help of the cosplayer Gumi Doll to represent the small Dororo.

Both celebrities took the congratulations of his followers of Instagram, because they fail to simulate the chemistry between the characters in the anime Dororo, being an animation style preference Kalathras and the young Hyakkimaru a character with whom he shares physical traits in real life.

Something that highlighted Kalathras is your taste in anime Dororo, being a remake of the first animation in 1969, with an amazing adaptation of the character design extremely faithful to the manga by the legendary Osamu Tezuka, who is also known by the works of Astroboy, Black Jack, and Kimba, the white lion.

The cosplay Dororo by Kalathras


Kalathras wears the characteristic kimono of Hyakkimaru, wears a long wig in black with the touch of a youtuber, as it is a hairstyle that is custom to bring with your own hair, her nails painted black, some bandages, and the traditional katana; while Gumi Doll was the green dress worn that characterized the small Dororo.

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The youtuber Spanish has been awarded with more than 1.71 million followers on her Youtube channel under the pseudonym “Lolweapon”, is known for his accurate reviews of anime and have his own graphic novel called Anime Mind the manga style. Kalathras not hesitate to recommend Dororo along with his love for the first opening of the anime, 2019.