“Love of hiding”, the new video clip of Divan and Erick Lexi


Two cuban artists of the musical environment urban have been added to test the strong and successful power of collaboration and have released their first musical project in common.

This is the new theme that has starred in the singers Divan and Erick Lexi and that has been released on the YouTube channel of the producer, cuban Planet Records Cuba / The Secret Office under the title of Love hidden.

The simple came to light a couple of weeks ago through a video clip involving both interpreters. The audiovisual material was filmed in Cuba, and had the direction of the director Rou Roff.

As well mentioned above, with its premiere Love hidden becomes the first time that Erick Lexi and Divan try their luck as a duo temporarily within the environment of the urban music of the Island.

For now, we can say that the proposal has been well accepted by the followers of both, because the video has to date with more of 23 thousand of reproductions and has positive comments such as: “I love the union”, “This is what you have to do the artists, join in and collaborate together”, “Very good fusion of voices” or “Spectacular, I loved the song and the video.”