‘Lucifer’ and ‘The Flash’ also stop their filming for the coronavirus


In the last days, the world is being affected by the Coronavirus, and this is impacting very seriously on the audiovisual sector. The closure of cinemas and the delay of new releases has been added cancellation of the filming of several series. After stopping the production of ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, ‘The Good Fight’ or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, two new fictions to add to the list: ‘The Flash’ and ‘Lucifer’.

'The Flash' and 'Lucifer', last two series cancelled by the Coronavirus

According to has confirmed TVLineBrent Crowell, in charge of the filming of ‘The Flash’, has announced that the fiction of the CW with headquarters in Vancouver has stalled the recording of their sixth season until further notice. The series was in the filming of the last episodes of a season whose end was planned for may, but that could be postponed if the situation continues in this critical state.

On the other side ‘Lucifer’, produced by Warner (like ‘The Flash’), has suspended the filming of its fifth season as a preventive measure of the Coronavirus. This break has coincided just when Netflix was negotiating with the producer to renew the fiction for a sixth season.

More than thirty series cancelled

In the past few days, preventive measures to alleviate the Coronavirus does not cease and every time are more the series that cancel shoots up to the situation becomes a little more sustainable. In addition to ‘The Flash’, the CW has paralyzed the production of two of its flagship series: ‘Riverdale’ and ‘Dynasty’. On the other hand, Netflix has done the same with ‘Grace & Frankie’ or ‘Russian Doll’, while Apple TV has suspended ‘Little America’ and ‘The Morning Show’. As growing social alarm, it would not be far-fetched that new fictions to cancel a provisional basis shoots in the next few days.