Mary Patiño is more bald than Gema Lopez! Photo in Save me (and you have hours)


March 14, 2020
(15:24 CET)

The alopecia it is a problem that affects many of the famous and famous. And many of them are obsessed by them. Or at least hide them.

One of the last celebrities that has called the attention in this regard is Maria Patiño. Attention to the instant that circulates on the networks taken from one of his appearances this week in Save me. To the partner Telecinco you will notice a scalp that is broken, has a volume of hair very low. “You’re more bald than Gema Lopez“she writes more than one networks.

The photo is worrying María Patiño

Maria Patino baldBut María Patiño your not alone in this. There are many well-known faces who suffer from this pathology. The loss of hair in ages premature is something that is increasingly common among celebrities all over the world.

Other famous problems on the scalp

And if not just ask, for example, to Ariana Grande. It is known that the young singer is one of those affected by this problem, and the experts that is due to the weight of your long hair and the weight sum with the extensions or their hair impossible.

Result of image of ariana grande bald

Jennifer Lopez is another that has always been noted for being one of these it girls with hair problems. The american singer loves to show off with a hair long, strong and perfect in most of his appearances. But sometimes Jennifer has been a scalp less healthy. It is not gold that glitters.

Another who also suffers from this problem is Shakira. As pointed out by many fans, the long mane blonde of the singer “is not natural”, but that is due to the extensions that you use. “¡Shakira is bald!”, you write on many occasions.

Result of image of shakira bald