Max Brooks, author of ‘World War Z’, called for calm on the coronavirus


As recordareis, the movie ‘World War Z’ placed us in a scenario a little quiet since, due to a virus, the people is transformed into a zombie and there was no way to stop it. However, in its original version, the author of the book Max Brooks based the story on pandemics more realisticand the touch zombie was added in the film version to be more successful.

World War Z

The author of the story has been delivered via Reddit to answer several questions, and to send a message of tranquility. “Right now we have to be responsible and keep distances from each other, in this way we will not pass on the virus. So give time to the medicine to find a vaccine. I think the world has the ability to adapt as it already has done to other great pandemics, is a part of life”. In addition, he spoke about the situation in Italy, I don’t think that Italy is condemnedbut it will be interesting to see how a democracy such as Italy deals with it. As an Italian american, I’m concerned for them.”.

Despite these messages, yes that recognized certain similarities with aspects of his work. “Unfortunately, a lot of part of my books is becoming a reality. I based in China, the initial crisis in the same way, I just hope that the united States does not respond to this in the same way that they did in ‘World War Z’.”

Will we have finally a sequel?

What is certain is that ‘World War Z 2’ it has become one of those projects that seem to be cursed. It was confirmed shortly after the first delivery, but has been delaying and cancelling directors, having rung up the name of J. A. Bayona. The last thing we knew is that it had again delayed indefinitely, despite having already with David Fincher at the address. Will have to wait to get new news from this project.