Natti Natasha clarifies his state of health after publishing photos in the doctor


Natti Natasha left worried his followers after sharing a few photographs in a row from the doctor.

Before the avalanche of messages from fans, alarmed, the dominican republic has decided to issue a statement to clarify that it is sick of the throat and that it is not infected by the coronavirus, as many users had speculated.

“Good afternoon to all of you who have been worried about me and my state of health. I find myself resting the vocal for seven days because I have laryngitis. I get this note in order to discard comments concerning the coronavirus. Thank God we are fine”, has been communicated to the dominican republic in the post from Instagram.

The reguetonera explained that he has laryngitis, so is not allowed to sing or use your voice during the next few days.

Thanks to this message many users have been more calm to know that the young man is not suffering from coronavirus and have wished for a quick recovery, because they are willing to return to hear her sing.

“Good news,” “Beware of the coronavirus,” or “Thank God you are ok, I was worried”, are some of the comments.

Although the interpreter Without Pajamas it is not suffering from coronavirus, other famous if you have confirmed that you are suffering from this disease. This is the case of Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilsonwho are now in Australia in quarantine to avoid spreading it to other people.

On the other hand, other famous as Maluma or Madonna have been affected at the level of the agenda because they have had to cancel concerts and tours as a precautionary measure.