Niurka Marcos raises the temperature of their fans with a sexy photo in bikini


The singer, dancer and actress of cuban Niurka Marcos always have an ace under the sleeve to keep entertained more than 700 thousand followers on Instagram, as well as with controversial statements, fun moments with your family or sensual videos and photos that shows it in full form that is to his 52 years of age.

On this occasion, the star has opted to show off hot body and has posted a picture that has not gone unnoticed among his followers. In she appears posing on a deck chair with a bikini white which shows the stunning curves of your body.

As usual, the snapshot has not done more than raise the temperature and raise passions among its fans, who have fallen prostrate before the new post of Breast Niú and we have gift ‘little hearts’ and comments full of love.

Emails full of compliments and flattery such as: “you’re a real star, an angel fallen from the sky”, “What I’d give to be lost in your curves”, you’re a mermaid”, “Beautiful, simply spectacular”, “The cuban most beautiful in all of Mexico”, “you’re like the good wine” or “How is it possible that you have that figure?”, are several that stand out in the publication of the cuban.

Not long ago, Niurka Marcos used the same technique to appear in your Instagram-style summer to the delight of his fans and collect thousands of comments in just a few minutes.

The artist was enjoying a vacation on the beaches of Miami (Florida) when you uploaded a photo to his account of the social network in which you could see basking in the sun face down with a thong blue, which allowed him, as she herself commented, tanning your “cucurucú”.