Rocío Carrasco responds to Spray Flowers with a pump ginormous


Rocío Carrasco

March 13, 2020
(17:59 CET)

The history between Rocío Carrasco and Rocío Flores continues, more now that the latter is participating in the Survivors by 2020 and all that surrounds it is in the news. In Save me won’t stop talking about the relationship-zero-between a mother and daughter, only to find out that it really happened between them two and that is true in everything that counts.

Rocío Carrasco already said in his time that was not pending of the involvement of his daughter in Survivors. He was not interested in the slightest. Flowers what is really going wrong in the contest after a month in isolation on the island. Your colleagues are being very cruel with them, even some of you have come to the lack of respect. It has been called vague and overbearing.

Also there is much talk of his poor relationship with Ana María Aldón. Something that is surprising since on the outside they have always spoken very well of each other, in addition to remain to the same family saga. “If I have not been at the height of all the moments I want to apologize, I didn’t want to get in any time in the contest or win a prominence that wasn’t deserved”said Ana María Aldón while Dew Flowers could not suppress the tears: “Don’t worry about anything. I don’t want to go for anything in the world, and if it goes I will miss him, I love it very much“. “Gloria Camila and her father will be proud, everyone will be super proud of the contest of Dew.”, “said the wife of Ortega Cano.

cristina suescun “Anna Maria did not failed me, but I, for my personality, yes he would have defended in these situations. To be of my family, yes it would have jumped.She has no obligation to enter, but I know out and I know how it is, is what I’ve missed. But I respect your decision,” he said completely broken. The designer acknowledged his error, and understood the words of the young man: “I Try to put myself in your place, but would have needed that signal for your part.”

He has also had a clash with Cristian Suescun. In fact, all have had some brush with it, which is becoming more and more alone. “You say that my family does not want me,’ Shut up, that your mother does not want you!”, replied the contestant. A statement that fell like a bucket of cold water on the young.

But this does not stop here. The mother of Adara also spoke and left in a very bad place to Antonio David Flores. “My, your mother drops me well, there are things that your father has told, that I have not liked anything. You do a disservice to you and your brother having, for example, the episode in which your brother turned bad”, he said.

“If all the people that think that you had lived through the ordeal that we have lived, I guarantee that you would not have that opinion. My father is a person before getting to talk about what he has spoken on television, he has used many other means to solve a lot of things related to their children”, he defended Dew.