Selena Gomez is criticized for defending Justin Bieber in spite of to their abuses


Selena Gomez it caused a lot of controversy among fans after giving the impression of trying to justify the abuse emotional Justin Bieber during their courtship.

Selena Gomez is criticized for defending Justin Bieber after his abuse

Does Selena Gomez defends Justin Bieber?

In an interview with Genius, Selena Gomez said that many times teens turn to hurt their partners because they feel they can show their love, or to test them.

“I’ve heard and experienced, and I believe that men and women do it, especially teenagers and young lovers, about the satisfaction that gives to hurt someone, because you know that they care. I have had someone really told me that before,”, said Selena Gomez.

Although Selena Gomez did not say explicitly that you think that love and abuse go hand in hand, rather, stated that the explanation you have given other people, some of their fans believe that it might be justifying Justin Bieber.

What Justin Bieber is abusive?

The relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber gave a lot to talk about, because the couple is done, then resume dating on several occasions, most of them for the infidelities of the canadian.

Some months ago, Selena Gomez confessed that in addition to deceit, Justin Bieber abused emotionally during their years of relationship and he even had to go to therapy.

“I feel that I was the victim of abuses […] I’m really proud to say that I feel stronger and I have found the way to get through this with as much grace as possible”.

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