“Shame!”. Belén Esteban does business with the coronavirus. Look at your last photo!


belén esteban

March 14, 2020
(17:42 CET)

A mess has been mounted Belén Esteban in the social networks. The collaborator of Mediaset hung up in your account of Instagram a publication that has generated enormous controversy. Some have noted that it has taken to induce confusion to users drawing their attention to an alleged health problem in the middle of a crisis by the coronoavirus.

The Paracuellos went up a post which includes a photo in which he poses the most divine, along with a text in which he announced to have gone to a pharmacy. And of course, at the time that we are going through in Spain, many of them have given for thinking that the covid-19 had caused any problem to Bethlehem.

Concern with Belén Esteban

It is fair to say that the princess of the people is diabetic, which puts it in the list of citizens of risk. Could suffer serious complications if affected by the coronavirus.

But it is not. Bethlehem is the sea of good. And that is what had gone to look at the pharmacy were their vials of artichoke, which is prepared for the arrival of the operation bikini.

Rain sticks to Belén Esteban

And that Bethlehem is well has pleased many, but others have criticized that then jump the alarms in a delicate situation like the current one, making you think that has suffered some problem, to advertise a few blisters. In other words, who is doing business taking advantage of the passage of the coronavirus.

And not only that. Others have put a thin Stephen by going out to the street, when the experts recommend to stay at home, only to look a few blisters that serve to show off a figure better profiled. “Shame!”, “Irresponsible” or “you think of Only yourself”, are just some of the comments that you have dedicated.