Slipknot: Jim Root reveals he is a fan of Ariana Grande


From the output of We Are Not Your Kindin August 2019, the Band did come back to talk about himself, riding the wave of success like never before. The great return of the american band the founder of the Nu Metal after 5 years of silence has aroused strong outcry in fans. The music the Band has broken from the first moment on the international scene, transforming anger and violence in the Pop phenomenon of the public domain. In the course of a recent interview, the guitarist of Slipknot, Jim Root has expressed his point of view concerning the view of mainstream modern; revealing that, in spite of the prejudices, both was pleasantly surprised by some of the works of Ariana Grande you have listened to recently.

During the interview, Jim Root was asked if he was ever immersed in the scene of modern Pop. Here are his words: “Frankly, I did not do that, but I guess I was wrong. Are really tired of the panorama of the mainstream. Unfortunately, I don’t perceive it as a type of music genuine. I could be wrong completely, so I recognize my bias, I know that is a mistake,”.

The guitarist of Slipknot and his / her point of view about Ariana Grande

Later, Jim Root told how he first heard the music of Ariana Grande, explaining that a girl employed in the entourage of the Band, was listening to his music and that had not the slightest idea of who he was. “I approached her and I asked what it was, it was fantastic”.

“So the girl told me what it was – continuous Root – I was stunned. I’m sure there are many valid products in Pop music. Them I’ll find out when it will be now. Usually, we use a lot, but I’m sure that will help me a lot in writing and in improving my exercises on the guitar. This is not to remain influenced by this kind of – he explains – you talk about inspiration from modern music and add it to the my groups reference.

The judgment of Thin Lizzy on the Band

At another point in the interview, the guitarist of Slipknot talked about when, a few years ago, the guitarist of Thin Lizzy, Eric Bell, has woven the praises of the hit of the american band, Duality. “It really is incredible. I mean, it’s extraordinary to hear that legendary musicians such as Thin Lizzy to draw compliments to your music. A few months ago, I knew Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey of the Who. We had a friend in common – adds – when we presented them, both behaved as if they knew already the Slipknot. I was completely blown away. They are living legends. Does not seem real to me”.

Interact with the figures so mystified me uncomfortable – continuous Root – groups such as the Who and the Beatles invented the Rock’n’roll. I think the only time that I felt that way, was when I met Sting in New York City. He was walking, it was with another person. So I took courage, he went to the meeting and tried to talk to him. I asked him if he was in town for a concert and he told me that he would have had to play in Canada just a little while. I felt so embarrassed that I saw myself forced to apologize. Then he asked me if I played in a band and I answered him to be the guitarist of Slipknot. He said that he knew the group and going strong. I was in seventh heaven”.