So this was the Pati Chapoy of young don’t you believe it!


Although it is difficult to imagine, Pati Chapoy it was not always the tough character as we know it today, but as everyone at some point was a young full of hope and happiness. And today some of his photographs of the youth proves this.

In these photographs Pati Chapoy of youngwe can see that the driver had another semblance, much more sweet as we know it today. So that filtration of these images has caused a great uproar in social networks.

Remember that Pati Chapoy began his career in the artistic environment from a very young age, where he had the opportunity of working together with Raúl Velasco, one of the drivers most dear in our country.

Paty Chapoy of young

So this was the Pati Chapoy of young don’t you believe it!

So this was the Paty Chapoy of young

The multiple entries of Pati Chapoy in the middle of the shows over the years, allows that there are some records of his past. Just what today has become a viral.

Currently this driver reaches 70 years of age, and although his physical remains fairly conserved, we can not deny that of young lucy completely different with a look appropriate to the era. And we can’t deny that it looked spectacularly beautiful.

Paty Chapoy young

So this was the Pati Chapoy of young

Pati Chapoy Tv Azteca

After some problems with the company Televisa, where even Chapoy almost ends up in jail; has established itself as one of the presenters of the shows most successful of Tv Azteca.

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Even the magazine “Who” recognized her as one of the 50 personalities who move Mexico. A fact that causes no doubt, since Pati Chapoy has consolidated one of the longest runs of the television