So was the death of Black Widow before the reshoots for ‘Avengers: Endgame’


With the premiere of the ‘Black Widow’ just around the corner, the moments that he has given us Natasha Romanoff over the years have come back to life. Scarlett Johansson recently revealed that his character was about to have a death different in ‘Avengers: Endgame’since changes were made in quite large during the reshoots of the film and the death of Romanoff was one of them.

As it happens in the movie, Black Widow is dismissed after that, Hawk-Eye and she peleasen by deciding who of the two has to sacrifice his life for the group to get the Gem of the Soul and can defeat Thanos. Despite the fact that this scene was the chosen one for the movie, what is certain is that at the beginning they had another idea for the death of Romanoff far more focused on the action, in which Black widow was pursued by a “army of creatures in the style of the Dementors (…) I thought: “parents will never forgive us for the appearance of these creatures,”” revealed Johansson in an interview for Entertainment Weekly. Finally, we opted for the scene issued because, according to Johansson, “we wanted to leave the audience with the weight of the loss and the shock”.

  'Avengers: Endgame'

During the interview, the actress also recalled some of their best momentsas when in ‘Iron Man 2’ he defeated a group of men in a brutal fight in a hallway, “Many of the movements are like a spider, as a ballet, and pay homage to the past of Natasha. I can still do many of these movements today, although a little bit more rusty”.

Are there any problems with the release?

Despite the fact that neither Marvel nor Disney wanted to delay the release of the film, it is possible to end suffering the consequences of the coronavirus and take longer than expected to reach the cinemas.

There are rumors that confirm that, if ‘Black Widow’ ends up moving your release date, you could adopt the date that had been agreed to ‘Eternals’which would mean that this would be delayed until 2021.

In the film we can see a lot of action and any new face, as the Ever Anderson, daughter of Milla Jovovich who will Natasha Romanoff small. Of time, the film hit theaters in Spain on 30 April, and we are confident that we will take with the same desire now, that within a few months.