‘Stranger Things’ suspends filming and Netflix closed its headquarters for a case of coronavirus


The theme of the day, week and month. That is, the coronavirus making mischief once more, and will not be the last thing you do. In this case it has touched to ‘Stranger Things’ cancelándose the filming of the fifth season. The series is in pre-production phase and is going to take two weeks offlike the rest of original productions from Netflix, seeing himself affected the film of Ryan Murphy, ‘The Prom’ or the final season of ‘Grace & Frankie’.

Stranger Things

Netflix is not the only company that suspended its productions in temporary, Disney has also paralyzed all of the productions, with the exception of the animated films. In this way, affected the version with real actors of ‘The little mermaid’, ‘The Last Duel’ Ridley Scott, ‘The alley of the lost souls’ by Guillermo del Toro and the new release of ‘home Alone’.

Closure of the offices

The headquarters of Netflix in Los Angeles has also been affected, with a suspected case of coronavirus that has forced the company to close down the offices for two weeks as a minimum. With this measure, they send their workers to telework from their homes and with this, follow the directions of health recommended. With this, it binds to the temporary closure of the studios of Universal and Disneyland.