Tahimí Alvariño celebrates his birthday surrounded by cuban artists in Havana


The popular cuban actress Tahimí Alvariño still celebrating even his birthday, which was at the end of February. The artist said in their networks that has many people close to us who have wanted to celebrate with her and her birthday has turned into a fun day.

This week, Tahimí celebrated his 51 years with his mother, Coralita Veloz, their children, Maria Fernanda and Diego, the fruits of their relationship with the actor Bárbaro Marín, and other cuban artists such as Verónica Lynn, Luisa María Jiménez, Paula Alí and Héctor Téllez, among others.

Facebook / Tahimí Alvariño

The actors were surprised to Tahimí with a cake, delicious food, and to ranchera music.

One of the images most celebrated of the followers was the one published by Luisa Maria next to Tahimí, because they are two of the most loved actresses on the Island.

The day of his birthday, Tahimí was in Mexico, a country that he said he wants a lot and enjoyed delicious food and a rich michelada with some friends, but now that he is back in Cuba, did not miss the opportunity to celebrate with your family and close friends.