Terrible blow to Jorge Javier Vázquez. Just know this. Last time


March 13, 2020
(13:01 CET)

Last Friday march 6, Isabel Pantoja acted in the Wizink Center under the watchful gaze of thousands of people. Fortunately, the coronavirus had not taken so much strength in Spain and the renowned vocalist not had to regret the cancellation of their concert. The singer was eager to getting back to a stage after years of absence. The same day also did Jorge Javier Vázquez. After the stroke he suffered now, just a year ago, the host of ” rescue me returns to the stage with their new work Deconstructing Seneca.

jorge javier vázquez in the theatreJust the same day that Isabel Pantoja acted in a modest theatre in Leganés, such as pre-staging with audience at the big premiere. Until there came some of his companions, less Belén Esteban, who preferred to Pantoja. The Catalan was nervous about the impending premiere. This Friday, the 13th of march, premiered the work in Cordoba. And we speak in the past tense because it no longer will be as well.

Following all the recommendations and restrictions on the part of the Government, all events, whether film, theatre, soccer, or concerts, are fully cancelled until further notice. Therefore, Jorge Javier Vázquez it has been forced to cancel its theatrical premiere. The journalist understands that it is necessary and for the good of all peoplebut you have dropped the news like a bucket of cold water.

For the time being, this suspension is limited until the 31st of march and it is a measure taken by the city Council of the city of andalusia in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Problems lie ahead for the team, Removing to Seneca, especially logistics, as tickets for this weekend for the premiere were sold out a month ago.

Until that do not pass these two weeks of convalescence there will be a new site to represent the work of theatre. Pending notice.