The beauty born under the sign of the lion. By Meghan Markle Jennifer Lawrence


Before Meghan Markle. The story tells that it Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon alias Queen-to convince mother (mother of Queen Elizabeth II) from her husband, king George VI not leave London during the air raids in the Second world war.

Brave as a lioness, Elizabeth, was a lion-character, and, in fact, born 4. august In 1900, on the same day Meghan Marklethe wife of his grandson, Harry. The Duchess of Sussex, taken in a matter of months it has succeeded, with its beauty (see here, your beauty-evolution), and to win his class, all of the attention of the world. In Spite Of Kate Middleton…

Highlights lioness doc

Typical characteristics, together with the generosity and enthusiasm, who is born in the summer, in this period of time from 23 July to 23 august. You stay in the centre of attention on a stage with the eyes: that is, to include why this character many Actresses, singers and celebrity-famous and remarkable. From lionesses of several lionesses music: Jennifer Lopez and Madonna (16. august is 60 years). To the beautiful and talentuosissime Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence, the two Lion-Babes, blondes, beauty ambassador for Dior perfumes.

To sell until the model/actress/influencer and a writer with character Cara Delevingne. 26 years, 12. in august, a small lion head tattoo bite on the finger, and a motto: “life”. As a real lioness.

You will discover in the gallery, who are the celebrity born under the sign of the lion. The one with the crown, Meghan Markle, and those without…