The best papers of Julian Lopez


Although it sounds like a joke, making them laugh is no laughing matter. It’s really difficult to carve out a name on the stage, just standing in front of dozens of peopleand what is much more the reach to be so successful that you are asked to go out in movies and you have your own television series. But Julian Lopez has been achieved.

The best papers of Julian Lopez

1 Several in ‘The hour chanante’

To day of today, ‘The hour chanante’ remains one of those products as unclassifiable as formidable. The peculiar program of skits gave us laughter for years to the unconditional and, even though all of your supporting cast was a gem, Julián López was the most prominent. The comedian had the opportunity to get in the shoes of countless characters, but if there is one that every fan remembers is that partying tireless called Vicentín. A program that, without a doubt, it was hilarious pure gold.

2 The cousin in ‘Smonka!’

Thanks to the chanantes, Paramount Comedy was a mine of laughter and silly humor, that many could enjoy in his time. One of the most crazy was ‘Smonka!’: a delusional contest that could only have been devised by the minds of the comic highlights of the program. Julian Lopez played the cousin of Ernesto Sevilla, the presenter. When I had a moment, Lopez took the opportunity to tell your “family” anecdotes, jokes, or sing some other song. I wish all the contests of the tv were as entertaining as ‘Smonka!’.

3 Reuben in ‘Pagafantas’

The romance between Borja Cobeaga and Julián López had to begin somewhere, and is no other than one of the films most estimable of the filmmaker: ‘Pagafantas’. In this fun film, we had the life of a poor boy who sees how knows the girl of his dreams, Lopez played the inseparable colleague of the protagonist, Gorka Otxoa. It is not their role more important, but it meant the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between a performer and a director.

4 Bertin in ‘que se mueran los feos’

It was the year 2010 and, although he was already a few years in the industry, Julián López had not had the opportunity to participate in too many movies. However, Nacho G. Velilla offered him the honor of rubbing shoulders with a lot of faces on television in a very entertaining film where the comic had to be put on the skin of a role that is not given anything wrong: the fool of the village. The movie was ‘que se mueran los feos’ and, if you are fans of comedy, there is no waste.

5 Emilio in “Museo Coconut”

The chanantes they had really wanted to meet, but they wanted to leave behind the format of sketches, so that created his own series in which, of course, wanted to preserve his sense of silly humor and his irreverence. Said and done: they decided to open the doors of the ‘Museo Coconut’. In this insane, contemporary art museum, Lopez was put on the skin of Emilio: the peculiar security guard. Although they may not be exactly the same, has always been a pleasure to see this cast assembled and willing to provide many more laughs.

6 Cuckoo in ‘Torrente 5: Operation Eurovegas’

How do you put yourself in the skin of a character that has already previously interpreted by another actor? In that difficult position was wrapped to the good of Julian Lopez, but what is certain is that you solved it with success. And is that the comic was to interpret the Cuckoo in ‘Torrente 5: Operation Eurovegas’and there is to be a big fan of the saga to remember that the character was originally played by Gabino Diego. However, Lopez always made it clear that I wanted to give a different approach, and nodded with his work.

7 Braulio in ‘Losing the north’ and ‘Losing this’

The character of Braulio in ‘Losing the north’ is a good example of a child who enjoys it so much that, finally, ends up starring in his own movie. In 2015 was that first film and, four years later, Lopez was going to take charge of its sequel, ‘Losing this’, which focused on the efforts of his character thrive in China. The comedian knew how to lift the film with their interpretation and entertain us with your good work.

8 Juancarlitros in ‘No controls’

Julian Lopez bordaba the role of party-horny uncontrollably with her Vicentín of ‘The hour chanante’, but I could not let pass the opportunity to try your luck with another role hilarious of similar characteristics. It was Juancarlitros: a childhood friend of the protagonist of ‘No controls’, to which nobody seems to stand for his shameless way of being. The comic spiking in one of the best and most fun movies of Borja Cobeaga.

9 Pernando in ‘Faith of eta’

The relationship of Julián López and Borja Cobeaga has continued to make progress and gaining strength over the years, and a good proof of this is that the comic is becoming more and more important in his works. In ‘Faith of eta members’, the irreverent comedy that was made for Netflix, Lopez played to a manchego whose dream was to belong to a command of the ETA that, to his disappointment, he could not do anything other than lock himself in an apartment franco to wait for orders for the next blow. Original and fun film by a director who never disappoints.

10 Acilius Sempronius in ‘Just before Christ’

In recent years, Movistar has been performing their own productions and, to the delight of addicted to the series, the level of the same has been rising progressively. A good example of this is ‘Just before Christ’: the series starring Julian Lopez. In it, the comedian takes on the role of a soldier destined to Thrace after to avoid the death penalty for killing a senator. Naturally, everything is dealt with from a point of view really comical, and Lopez unfolds like a fish in water in what you do best.

julian lopez

For you have followed a little bit of his career, its beginnings are more than clear. The comedian started out on television with other campus actors almost all spaniards know very well, and is that Lopez was part of that fantastic cast of comedians from ‘The hour chanante’.

But, as the great majority of them, knew how to follow his path after several collaborations and, although it seemed to be one of those essential side that rise to the level of a film, what is certain is that has been known apañárselas in a little world, really competitive and end up starring in their own works. Without a doubt, the dream of any comedian.