The best wine you can buy in the supermarket it costs 1 euro!



March 14, 2020
(10:42 CET)

The fascination for the wine it is something that has a lot of history, because until Jesus of Nazareth provided next to the apostles, with the acclaimed liquid. Through the years it has increased the number of fans of the wonderful drink, but also the prices. This time, we show them the best choice of wine that you can buy in the supermarket for just 1 euro. Seems to be something magical. Are you ready to fill your home with the wine?

The Lidl supermarket chain of German origin with more than 90 years of history, brings us the wine that will not suffer our wallet.

The product is called Vega Length and before march 11, it cost 0,99 euros by reason of a promotion, but do not worry, as the value has stabilized at 1.59 euros, which is still within the low budget that we have.

vega length

Don’t be fooled by its low price to analyze its quality, as having performed a wine tasting session with a series of winemakers of great international experience, reached no less than 85 points. The base wine is grape tempranillo or cencibel.

The experts of Vinopinión describe the body of the beverage as follows: “Nose simple yet fruity. Mouth simple and smooth, easy to drink. Unbeatable quality-price ratio“.

Benefits of wine for health

The feeling and the taste of a good wine are not the only positive charges that have, due to their contributions to the health are multiple.

The wine allows you slow down the agingtaken in its just extent, without excesses. In turn, optimizes the functioning of the brain, neutralizes the exhaustion, cleanses the palate and helps you lose kilos. This is part of the benefit that we can enjoy. If you go with little more than a euro to get a miracle in the grocery store, you know that the Vega Length is the solution.