The danger of this fish that don’t count (you can send them to the hospital)


fish butter

March 14, 2020
(10:10 CET)

The flesh of the fish it is the most-recommended amount of vitamins and oils beneficial presents for human consumption. This is unlike red meats, which also contain vitamins and iron. However, as time passes, result in serious illnesses such as cancer of the stomach with the harmful chemicals that few comment.

The consumption of fish is ideal for the health. Contains omega 3, vitamin A, folic acid, is digested quickly, prevents many diseases and is ideal for healthy diets in general. The case is that it does not apply to all, there is always an exception and in this occasion we are going to recognize the problems generated by the fish butter.

This fish is widely used in the sushi. The typical japanese dish is made of rice, different fish, such as salmon and sea bass, salad dressing, seaweed and vegetables. Certain fish require special techniques to be cut, they are usually delicious and, as have varieties, it is hard to get bored. Although you can’t disappoint with what we tell you then.

Fish butter put in danger your life

Nigiri Fish Butter 478x270

It has been discovered that this fish contains an excessive amount of fat, so that should be ruled out as a food beneficial for health. It contains chemicals that are fatal to the organism of human beings. Comes to be contrary to any other fish, if we said that promote digestion, this fish causes diseases related to indigestion.

The Spanish Agency of Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) reports that the fat has: “Esters waxy indigestable to humans, so that they can produce episodes of diarrheal and gastrointestinal symptoms acute that appear about two hours after its consumption”. It is always better to prevent and not compromise the health, because it is unpleasant to end up in the hospital without the need. For this reason, it is recommended to know in detail the type of fish chosen to eat.