The horns in the Royal House (and recent) that the infanta Cristina is not commented (or will comment)


March 13, 2020
(14:59 CET)

The relationships of the children of the infanta Cristina and infanta Elena are not well seen by the Royal House, especially of the latter. Already looked at with bad eyes the relationship between Felipe VI and Letizia Ortiz. Of Froilán the princesses were expecting anything, but the revolution of Victoria Federica was not expecting anyone. Not like his relationship with a DJ, but not with the bullfighter.

We talk about Gonzalo Caballero and his agent, Carlos Ochoa, the person who has always been at his side when he suffered the terrible fuck in the plaza de toros de Las Ventas. Gentleman is discussed between life and death. Gonzalo is recovering and will soon return to bullfighting, as he has told his large friend, who has given the last hour of his state of health.

carlos ochoa and gonzalo caballero“It is with great enthusiasm, in an extraordinary moment, giving a dimension to the trekking very high, training a lot, to consciousness because it is the year most important of your life without a doubt. Madrid awaits you with open arms, we thought about only to Madrid and is steeped in Seville, concentrated, without leave, has only one thing on the head that is to train and that big gate in Madrid, to recover the leg and there is like a samurai locked up and knowing what you want”, account.

“At the end came a bit of surprise all this, he is centered in his profession, training, the margin of the bull does not think of anything else, when it has come has been one of surprise and, well, his head is only in the bull, the life continues, the best thing comes now”, account on Victoria Federica and the friendship with it.

The young man speaks very well of the niece of the infanta Cristina, who has always been a support for young people. “Victoria is a good friend, is a lovely little girl, that there is no doubt but has the head start in what has to be”.