The serious problem that hides the olive oil for your health if you drink it as well


Olive oil

March 13, 2020
(12:47 CET)

We put forward that the olive oil food is one of the essential in every diet, however, the use we make of it can be conflicting for our health, something that we should look very well these days.

In Spain it is an essential nutrient for our kitchens and of the 13 liters of oil that we take a year, 10 of them are olive oil. Ademñas to be the major producers of this type of oil.

However, the way we use this olive oil can be detrimental to our health in the short and long term.

Do not use for frying

If you want that olive oil does not lose all of those properties that make it healthy will be better for him not to be cold, something that also will cause it to lose its flavor. It is advisable to use it raw.

The nutritionist Bridget Bennett warns of the following if fríes olive oil: “A large part of the nutritional value that we associate with the olive oil, as the omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, is destroyed by the heating process”.

In fact, for frying we recommend that you use the peanut oil, one that withstands the heat better than olive oil, which decomposes at high temperatures.

Olive oil 2

Monitors with the grill

Forget about dipping the grids of grill with olive oil, use vegetable oil or grape seed. Then, if you want, to cooked foods yes that you can take a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.

But like to fry, to grill is not a great idea to use olive oil. It is not harmful, but neither will do you no good because when you are creating flames burning.