Urgent. Queen Sofia receives the worst news. “Age is a terrible thing.” Last time


March 13, 2020
(13:30 CET)

Not at good times for the Royal Family. Luckily, yes, just a few hours it has been known that the king Felipe and the queen Letizia have tested negative on the test for the coronavirus that were made yesterday.

Yes, the main mess that is putting at stake even more the already bad family life reaches all and each one of the different information that are popping up around Juan Carlos I.

Information, whether the mess with Corinna as well as the quagmire by the alleged irregularities at the time of making her fortune, that are affecting, not to the whole family.

Royal Family The mess with the queen Sofia

And the worst thing for the queen Sofia is that even are many in the media are charging against her. Eye, not just because the queen has some blame in the messes of her husband, but by precisely the inaction that has always characterised it.

There has not been another that Pillar Eyreone of the journalists that more and better knows the internals of the Home Realthe who has pointed out in his column Readings what puzzles remained to see the attitude of the queen in all that is appearing in the media.

“The admiration is trading in perplexity, not to say another thing. Do you say that don Juan Carlos has lovers? You smile at her. You say that the king has committed certain accounting irregularities? Smile more. Do you shoot your husband with an old ‘girlfriend’ in Ireland? He smiles so much that you don’t see her eyes and angry with journalists if we say “honored” because “he doesn’t like”, says Eyre.


And it goes beyond: “they Say that the king gave his bride of 65 million euros? Not only not smile, but placed the engagement ring that almost never leads to that we see very clearly that she doesn’t make a dent in these bagatelles. Lady, let me tell you that, or you are very good or we are very stupid”.

A few words that, added to all the mess that is starring her husband, make that more than one is worried about the queen, and more taking into account that some days ago already appeared very tired in an act. “At your age it is terrible” aim some at the networks. They do not lack reason.