Vadhir Derbez confess what you feel when you receive COMPLIMENTS from other men


Vadhir Derbez is promoting the film “Twenty-something, Single, and Fantastic”, which starred with the actress Paulina Goto. The mexican actor of 29 years is usually recognized by his thousands of fans for being a man very attractive physically, but what’s more interesting is that Vadhir get many more compliments from other men that of women in their social networks, so he confessed how they feel about it.

The son of Eugenio Derbez he explained the various means of communication in an interview, that when he reads the comments “uploaded tone” you leave him on his social networks, he feels very flattered. Even Vadhir Derbez admitted that it bothers him for nothing other men piropeenbecause if they do so with respect, he accepts the comments of any person, regardless of sex.

Between laughter, Vadhir Derbez said feeling happy to have loyal followers who support him in his work and recognize him as an actor. Especially now that he is about to make one of the most important roles of his career in Hollywood where he will do a movie completely in English playing a priest.

Vadhir Derbez has a girlfriend

To the bad luck of the thousands of fans of Vadhir, the actor of film, theatre and television it has a girlfriend! your galanura managed to win the young entrepreneur Mallory Knight, who accompanies Vadhir Derbez most of their public events, and even keep an affair discreet.

Vadhir Derbez and his bride/Photo: Tribune

Vadhir Derbez and his bride/Photo: Tribune

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In addition, the actor ‘ As if it were the first time” she said that maybe she is thinking of marriage and starting a family, although it is not known whether it will be with his current girlfriend who takes a few months of relationship. So, the fans of Vadhir Derbez will be delighting the pupil freely with irresistible photos of the actor in his account of instagram.