VIDEO: Sebastian Rulli is in addition to Tik Tok by Angelique Boyer


Angelique Boyer presumed with Sebastián Rulli open your account Tik Tok style Erika Buenfil, actress of Televisa who also stood out for their creativity in fun social network with all kind of videos, something that has caused a stir with fans, by a high level of humor and where the famous actor of “The Dragon” stressed with your partner.

Sebastián Rulli surprised the fans of your account of Instagram, with more than 8.5 million followersas Angelique Boyer published a Tik Tok more to publicize the official accounts of the actors for their fan club, where all new videos will be allocated to those accounts.

News that caused a stir on Instagram, as and style that represents Tik Tok has shown the playful side of Sebastian Rulli along with its attractiveness, since, in his personal account shares several snapshots risqué and with a clear dedication to his partner Angelique Boyer.

The Tik Tok of Sebastián Rulli

“I’m worried…. this game is addictive!!! We go for more. Encourage my love who does very well, although he says that not…,” wrote Angelique Boyer.

The actor has over 25 thousand followers in your account of Tik Tok, while your new Instagram boasts more than 19 thousand, all in less than 24 hours and claiming the popularity that represents your fame as Sebastian Rulli, one of the men most dear to the mexican soap operas.

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Angelique Boyer has been the center of attention along with Sebastián Rulli, because it gave to know that your partner is willing to join the current trend that involves Tik Tok, as well as being a couples more stable of the show and continue starring in the new soap opera or tv series from Netflix.

Angelique recreates the scene of Teresa in Tik Tok