What Fans of María León demand is cancelled Unbreakable Tour by COVID-19?


María León is a few days of perform your Unbreakable Tourconcerts that leads promoting since the middle of 2019, but due to the increase of cases for Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Mexico, its most loyal followers Instagram we have demanded to reconsider the scheduled dates.

This after several concerts and cultural events cancelled or postponed in different parts of the world due to the threat of Coronavirus and a search to prevent the contagion that can be given between groups of people, so that Mary León there is the choice of the concern of the fans.

“By faaaaaaa don’t risk your faaaaaans, change of date the conciertoooo. Il Divo on March 20, already changed, Ricky Martin on the 21st of March has already changed,” wrote a fan of Maria Leon in his recent publication of Instagram where the singer boasts another of his spectacular trials to the beat of “Love Illegal.”

Does María León will hold its Unshakeable Tour?

“What a coincidence, it’s going to postpone?”

“You cancel all the events, but after the march 21, hehe …but this is not”

“Shall not be cancelled by the coronavirus?”

These comments abound in most publications of María León on Instagram, which boasts to have more than 1.6 million followers, as a constant activity on the social networks, tv shows on Televisa and collaboration with youtubers as The Scorpion Gold to promote their Unbreakable Tour.

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One of the most recent news on march 13, is the cancellation of the War Tour of Carlos Rivera in the Forum NPCS of Merida that had been scheduled for march 14, as well as the following concert of the mexican singer, as he expressed his concern after returning from Madrid and want to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in Mexico as a show of responsibility with his fans.