Aleida Nunez confessed on VLA that he thought of suicide a few years ago, What happened to him?


During an interview for the cameras of “Venga La Alegría” TV Azteca, the actress and model of mexican Aleida Núñez he confessed that at some point in your life thought of suicide several years ago. The tv star revealed that she had a challenging time of depression when she lost the baby I was expecting and that led her to not want to continue living.

The actress of 39 years was very sincere in talking about this strong subject, where expressed to the chambers of VLA that after the loss of their first pregnancy, felt that she lost the meaning of life and to get out of bed each morning. And is that losing a child is never easy for any mother, and Aleida Núñez even experienced moments of depression for what has happened.

“I felt the need to lower the arms and not wanting to move forward,” revealed the actress.

The sad loss of Aleida Núñez marked a before and an after in your personal life, and now that it is better emotionally, the actress of soap operas and theater declared that managed to overcome this difficult situation thanks to the unconditional support of his family. By which, he ceased to have thoughts of suicide or that could damage it.

Aleida Núñez yes it is mom

After everything that he had to spend Aleida Núñez, finally in 2013 was able to meet one of his greatest dreams, to be a mother. Aleida is the mother of Alexander Glogovsky Núñez, the son that was next to her ex-husband Pablo Glogovsky with whom she spent 12 years.

Alexander and his mom Aleida Núñez/Photo: Twitter

Alexander and his mom Aleida Núñez/Photo: Twitter

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However, Aleida Nunez had to resort to psychological help from a professional to be able to cope with the absence of her first pregnancy, and although is now very happy with the little Alexander 6 years, it was a long path you had to traverse the model and actress of instagram to be able to cope with such a tragedy at that time.