Andrea Legarreta take advantage of the contingency by Coronaviruses to go on vacation


Andrea Legarreta and his family have posted on their official accounts, photographs of your trip express to Acapulco, they will see that the family Rubin-Legarreta are spending a few days of relaxation, on the occasion of the bridge for the day off the next 16th of march. However, Andrea Legarreta began receiving messages from his fans claiming not to be taken seriously in the health emergency by the Coronavirus Covid-19.

And is that in the latest updates made by the Secretary of Health, Federal, in Mexico there are more than 40 confirmed cases of Coronavirus Covid-2019, which has declared a “Phase 2”, however, it seems that Andrea Legarreta has not imported this announcement. so instead of staying at home, as recommended, has decided to go on vacation to the port of Acapulco.

In that sense, the fans were very hard with Andrea Legarreta, and asked that, as a public figure, should lead by example, and be confined at home, in order to prevent further spreading the virus Covid-19.

“The 1st to say that the situation is not to take a vacation!!! But in the end,” he commented

Andrea Legarreta was near the Covid-19

Earlier this year it was rumored that Andrea Legarreta could have Coronavirus, because just when this disease began, at the end of 2019, Andrea Legarreta was in the place of the facts, as they celebrated the New Year in China.

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Much is rumored if Andrea Legarreta might be a carrier of the Covid-19, since he was several weeks in Asia, however, after the days, Andrea Legarreta did not present any symptom of the disease, so that was lucky to be in the country of the facts, and not contract the virus.