Angelina Jolie stops shooting as well before entering the bath


Angelina Jolie

March 14, 2020
(18:25 CET)

Angelina Jolie has regained much of his fame in the last few months despite being away from the big spotlights from her separation with Brad Pitt. And is that the american has seen in the last few months there have been many photos in the light of its past and añgunas still colean.

In fact, the majority are in adolescence, which were auctioned and with which it was demonstrated that the daughter of Jon Voigt continues to be very required by the public.

This week were are some of the pictures quite a bit more recent, without a t-shirt, before entering the bath which have caused quite a stir. In it you can see all the tattoos that he has on the back the actress, which are not few.

14 tattoos

To Angelina Jolie I always liked the world of tattoo, but what has been seen as something more symbolic than a matter of aesthetics. That’s why most of his tattoos have to do with their children.

In fact, among those who have, you can see buddhist prayers, coordinates of where they were born their children, quotes from books…

And then there are the three that you have in the back, and we can see in the image. Those are mantras buddhist, a temple and a yantra that brings good luck. And is that Angelina Jolie has always believed in buddhism, and it has led his family toward those beliefs.