Coronavirus: Lady Gaga is subjected to a quarantine of their own volition

Lady Gaga, renowned singer of american origin, has caused controversy among his followers to announce this Saturday, march 14, to be submitted to a quarantine volunteer the purpose is not to spread among its environment the coronavirus, a disease that has been declared a pandemic by the WHO.

The announcement caused surprise in the social networks due to that Lady Gaga just make her return to the music world with the release of “Stupid Love” new single of his sixth album which will be entitled “Chromatic” and you will see the light next April 10.

Lady Gaga, who has established itself as one of the singers most comprehensive in the music industry in the last decade, decided to make public its quarantine voluntary, to raise awareness among their security on the gravity of the situation the world faces with the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Lady Gaga is som.tee to quarantine by one’s own will.

Lady Gaga fears spread of Coronavirus

In the message that he shared on his official Instagram, Lady Gaga mentioned that he has recently spoken with doctors and scientists, who advised him to do a quarantine voluntarily, despite the fact that he has not been in contact with any infected person.

It is not the easiest thing for all at this time, but the most friendly/healthy that we can do is put ourselves in quarantine and do not hang out with people older than 65 years and in large groups… Trust me, talk to God and she told me that we’re going to be okay” said Lady Gaga in the publication.

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Coronavirus: Lady Gaga is subjected to a quarantine of their own volition.

This announcement calms littlemonsters, as he is known to fans of Lady Gaga, because they have knowledge that the singer was in plans to launch its seventh music tour in the city of Paris, France but with this announcement, all indications are that the dates will be postponed until further notice.

Photos: Twitter and Instagram @ladygaga

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