Cuban shakes singing from a balcony in Italy in full quarantine for coronavirus


The cuban Diana Rosa Cárdenas Alfonso shook not only their neighbours, but thousands of internet users in the networks with his soulful interpretation of Cecilia Valdés from a balcony in Italy in full quarantine for coronavirus.

The young man, who studied at the Conservatory Amadeo Roldán and took part in Cuba’s Teatro Lírico Nacional, wanted to give a little light to their neighbors in the middle of the situation appalling and unprecedented that lives in the alpine country because of the COVID-19.

In the video you can see how the soprano comes out to his balcony, put background music, and begins a masterful performance of the well-known zarzuela and the neighbors begin to come out to their balconies to enjoy this spectacle.

“I don’t know the penalties, I always singing I’m going”, we listen to sing to Diana.

Despite the fact that Italy is going through a serious situation, and it is the second country after China with more cases of infected and deceased by coronaviruses, the people in the country have opted to remain united in spirit, cheer and trust that you will soon leave this situation.

The music has become in flag and scenes such as the Diana are becoming frequent in different cities of Italy. This Friday saw one of the most moving, when a man began to sing from his home and several neighbors joined in.

Italy recorded some 15 000 people were infected of COVID-19 and more than 1000 have died.