Danna Paola TEASES Paulina Rubio, and social networks are outraged


Danna Paola, who is now enjoying the success of Elite and its third season, has starred in a new scandal after sharing in his official account of Instagram a short video where he appears imitating Paulina Rubio and at the end ends mocking the singer to ensure that she sings.

In the clip, we can see Danna Paola playing the chorus of “Not A Single Word”, a song that Paulina Rubio popularized in the 2006, but during his imitation made a small pause to point out that she sings, acts, that users saw it as a mockery to the Golden Girl.

The comment made in the video Danna Paola shared on Instagram sparked the anger of fans of Paulina Rubio, who in a matter of minutes, turned to the social networks of the youth singer to berate the attitude of disrespect that the singer had taken against his ídola.

Danna Paola clarifies what happened

Before the scandal that was approached on the social networks, Danna Paola wanted to clarify the situation with a little message that he shared on his Twitter account as a reply to an attack of a fan of Paulina Rubio, who claimed that fame had affected the young actress.

“Okaayy, vamo to see, do not gossip where not Misinterpreting…”

“1 – we were playing to imitate,( I think I have seen very well that imitate suddenly, and it’s not just Pau)… 2 – I was referring to Omar, and it is a joke among both… 3 – I love paulina since forever, respect always! Xx (sic)”wrote Danna Paola.

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Danna Paola TEASES Paulina Rubio, and social networks are outraged.

Until the moment has not obtained a response from Paulina Rubio to the controversial video that Danna Paola has starred in, but it is known that both artists have a good relationship due to the participation that the Golden Girl had in “Dare to Dream”, soap opera that the actress of 24 years starred in the 2009.

Photos: Twitter and Televisa

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