Fábrica de Arte Cubano closed until further notice by the coronavirus


The centro cultural Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) announced on Saturday the closure of its facilities until further notice, as a way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the city.

“This temporary closure responds to the need to prevent contagion, and to preserve human lives, and will end once the health conditions of the country permit. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and we encourage you to stay connected through the official social networks of FAC and its web site www.fac.cu” said the entity in your wall of Facebook.

The multi-disciplinary project led by the singer and composer X Alfonso is in addition to other cultural institutions that the government of the Island decided to close for the duration of the pandemic COVID-19.

Last Friday, the Ministry of Culture suspended all of the artistic events national and international involving crowds of public, “to protect the population and to cooperate with the prevention and confrontation to the coronavirus”.

“We have suspended the artistic performances in the main theatres, cinemas and houses of music, among other cultural centers; as well as concerts and dance until you exceed the current situation,” said the statement from the agency posted on its Twitter account.

The health authorities of the Island were identified this week, four positive cases of the coronavirus: three Italian tourists and a cuban from Santa Clara.

The Ministry of Public Health assures that country is prepared to face the pandemic, but the concern of the population has worsened, in the midst of a severe crisis of food supply, medicines, and hygiene products and hygiene in the entire national territory, to which are added the limitations in the water service.