‘Fantastic beasts 3’ begins filming next week in spite of the coronavirus


Seems to be that, although we see as the major production companies have taken a step backwards with the filming of their projects and even with their new releases, Warner has no plans to do the same with yours. And that is that we know thanks to Comicbook that the filming of ‘Fantastic beasts 3’, which was scheduled to start Monday, will keep that date and will not be canceled in spite of everything. In addition, they have announced the same for the cases of ‘Matrix 4’ and ‘The Batman’, which had already started to roll.

Fantastic animals

This is a decision that has taken Warner to know the current situation and knowing that it is not recommended. However, it also announced in a press release that “the health and safety of members of our company is the priority. We will take precautions to protect all who work on our productions around the world”. Although we do not doubt that it’s going to do, we have already seen how easy and how fast the virus spread, so it does not seem the safest course of action. The third installment of the saga is thought to be released next year and from what is known of time, a large part of the same will be recorded in Brazil.

Will be almost the only

And is that as we have been learning throughout this week, almost all of the projects have been cancelling and delaying. Filming as the ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’, ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ or ‘Euphoria’ have been paused due to the virus. In terms of premieres, almost all have considered that it was best to waitas in the case of ‘A quiet place 2’, ‘Mulan’ or ‘Fast & Furious 9’. There are always exceptions, and in this case the filming of ‘Fantastic beasts 3’ is in addition to the premiere of ‘Black Widow’as they both kept their dates, but will have to wait.