Gabriel Soto met with the Russian family of Irina Baeva How was it?


The relationship between the actors Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto is becoming more and more serious, despite all the criticism and conflict that has had to live with the couple. In the past days, Gabriel had the opportunity to meet with some family members Russian of Irina, and it is she herself who had revealed to the media how it was the anticipated meeting.

Through an interview with the press, the actress of 27 years Irina Baeva revealed that it’s still the same happy with their relationship to the side of the actor of 44 years, Gabriel Soto. In the same way, the actress of “Unmarried with children,” said his sister, brother-in-law and nephews have already arrived to Mexico from Russia and for the first time, Gabriel was reunited with her family.

In days past, the father of Gabriel Soto stated that it accepts the relationship your child has with the actress of Russian origin, and stated that he had never been so happy to Gabriel, giving to understand that the romance that has with Irina is much more special than he had with his ex-partner Geraldine Bazán.

However, Irina Baeva also commented that their relatives had been pleased with her boyfriend Gabriel Soto, but have not been able to have a close relationship, because the language is a great barrier between them.

“We went to meet them at the airport and take you to the house and all super good…”

“…Although, as you are obviously the language barrier because my family does not speak Spanish, and Gabriel obviously does not speak Russian, then, between gestures and translations, half-understood and half not, but we are very happy,” said Irina to the media.

Irina Baeva and its Russian origin

The actress Irina Baeva said that she is very happy to be able to share time with their relatives the russians, and said that her boyfriend Gabriel Soto has not so far been able to learn their mother language. Even joked with the fact that when she speaks Russian he does not understand anything and that even their friends must make an application to translate languages and to know what you are saying.

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Despite this, Irina Baeva has managed to be placed in the mexican soap operas in different productions for their talent and beauty, what has helped you to be able to better master the Spanish language, as well as words originating in the mexican culture.