‘Game of Thrones’: Emilia Clarke is not happy with the end of Jon Snow


The past 2019 was a year of endings. Saga Skywalker of ‘Star Wars’, the Saga of the Infinity of the ‘Movie Universe Marvel’ and, of course, ‘Game of Thrones’. The successful HBO series and eventually end the 19th of may, leaving numerous criticisms and reactions to the contrary the management of the plot by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

Emilia Clarke in 'Game of Thrones'

Not even the cast of the series, which initially closed ranks around the production, seems to be really happy with the end. The last position has been Emilia Clarke, who in an interview with The Times he gave his point of view on Jon Snow and the murder of Daenerys. “What I felt for her. Of truth that I felt it. And yes, I was very upset with that Jon Snow did not have to cope with anything. Escaped a murdersaid.

After killing the mother of dragons, the character of Kit Harington was “punished” by her brother Bran. The new king-elect of the West sent to Jon to stay in the Guard of the Night in the lands beyond the wall. But without the King of the Night and his army, the fate of the bastard was not so much as a punishment but as a release.

Ready for the battle

Clarke also wanted to defend the actions of his character, that in a fit of rage he ended up destroying and reducing to ashes the entire Landing of the King on horseback, with her dragon Drogon. “She is ready to defeat this guy. Is a fierce warrior, although you do not see a lot of melee with it, is ready to fight to the death”explains.

It is evident that the great unprecedented phenomenon that has been ‘Game of Thrones’ assumes that his last season will continue to raise blisters for a long time. Or, at least, until HBO return to the stories of the West with the spin-offs that is preparing.