‘Grey’s anatomy’: Ellen Pompeo appreciates the work of the health with the coronavirus


In addition to finding different ways to entertain ourselves within our respective four walls, if anything has taught us the Coronavirus is to appreciate and thank the health personnel in their work with the entire populationand Ellen Pompeo has done so publicly on their social networks.

The actress, used to be among scalpels and surgical masks in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, has shared a video on Instagram where thanks personally to all the hospital workers their work during these days.

“This is my post of gratitude for the and the medical and nursing staff and those who work in the health. Many of us have the privilege of putting ourselves in quarantine, isolate ourselves and try to stay healthy, and none of you have that privilege. You must all be in the first line of this thing and what is now bad, but they definitely will worsen in the next two weeks”.

“So this is my part and that of my family, thank you to all of you”continued. “I appreciate it, I want to. Stay safe. Nursing staff moláis, and medical moláis and any person who works in a hospital or the health care industry, you molas. I want to. Stay safe.”ends the actress.

This year we will have to wait a little longer to see the doctor most famous of the tv, ‘Grey’s anatomy’ has also suffered the consequences of the Coronavirus stopping the filming of the last season.

'Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy'

The acknowledgements are international

Ellen Pompeo has not been the only star that has wanted to show in public his thanks, some of the protagonists of the audiovisual panorama in spain today as the director J. A. Bayona have also wanted to echo on Twitter of the acts in honor to the toilets that have happened recently around the country.