Hugh Jackman teaches you how to wash your hands without wasting water (after the reviews)


Had to get the coronavirus for us all to be alert to our hygiene daily. As we know, one of the measures to take to protect ourselves from the virus is to wash your hands well with soap for a few seconds. Hugh Jackman wanted to share a video of how to do it, but after being criticized for wasting water, has uploaded another video rectifying his error.

Hugh Jackman

At the beginning of this week, Jackman posted a video of 20 seconds in which to enjabonaba hands well to protect yourself from coronavirus, but he escaped something: he left the tap fully open while doing so. Fans criticized him for wasting water and the actor, realizing his error, has uploaded another video to their social networks asking for apologies.

Take #2. You are completely right. Cerrad the faucet while I laváis hands. Smart practices and healthy for you and the planet”she wrote on Instagram. In addition, in the video thanks to all of your followers to make him see his mistake and this time she washes her hands, closing the faucet.

The coronavirus destroys everything

The pandemic is causing many shoots of series is suspended until further notice, as ‘The Batman’ or ‘Stranger Things’. In addition, they are also delaying releases of movies that were about to reach the screen: ‘A quiet 2’, ‘Mulan’, ‘The New Mutants’ or ‘Fast & Furious 9’.

It seems that nothing can now the coronavirus, but already there is less for everything to return to everyday life.