Jorge Javier Vázquez warned. “There’s the evidence”. Infection on a Saturday Deluxe


Jorge Javier Vázquez

March 14, 2020
(19:10 CET)

Hopefully it is not anything, because of a positive Telecinco would be put upside down. The coronavirus threat Mediaset.

This night is issued Saturday Deluxe in the private string. The guest star of the night will be Christopher, former contestant of The island of temptations. A program that could be the last in a few days.

If that were to confirm any case of coronaviruses in someone from the program team, everyone would be quarantined, what would be left without a staff that is one of the most watched of the string. And not only that. Save me is also under the magnifying glass.

Lydia lozano mounts the show

The possibilities have been open Lydia Lozano, this week, declared that he was confined to his home with the possibility of having been infected by the covid-19.

LYdia Lozano

“I have mucus and cough, by protocol, there are that stay at home,” said collaborator from his home in a direct connection from Save me. Apparently, Lozano he began to have symptoms and quickly put in contact with your health center. Spoke with his nurse, who explained to him the symptoms. The health, for its part, asked him if he had a fever, and although the response was in the negative Lydia warned him that in the spring suffered from allergies, the nurse had advised her to stay at home per protocol.

Home and without moving

The next day another nurse called to your home to check the developments. Lydiafor his part, stressed that he had not fever, but the health he insisted that prevention had to stay in his home.

Lydia lozano coronavirus

“There’s the evidence,” would have insisted the tertuliana, but the nurse said that was not possible because the system was collapsed. Again I tried it with your private insurance, but neither has achieved it.

Come on, they are not for nonsense. And if you don’t want to stay home that is what I had thought before. Enough we have with which it is falling, so that the list of turn you want to be an exclusive subject to the tests of the covid-19.