K-Pop: Fans of GOT7 angry with JYP Entertainment


GOT7 it is one of the groups of K-Pop of the moment that have been highlighted by their fanswho have expressed their dissatisfaction with the agency JYP Entertainment because they have not known how to handle the situation Coronavirus and other issues related to the promotion of the boyband.

According to the information of Nation Rex, “AhGaSe” is the name of the fandom that represents GOT7, a large part of its complaint against JYP Entertainment also said to Division 2 with regard to a bad promotion of idols, and part of this dissatisfaction highlighted a large number of errors such as the lack of re-stock in the most popular music stores.

Also mention was made of a bad handling of the reds ‘ social, communication of the company with the fandom of GOT7, a neglect in the action against the harassment they receive the idols of K-Pop by the saesangs and the list goes on in social media about an inevitable loss in sales promotions late.

The K-Pop and the Coronavirus

There is No doubt that the current pandemic of the Coronavirus has caused problems to the cultural world, as the entire event has been cancelled in several countries, including all things related to K-Pop in South Korea, many groups such as GOT7 announced the suspension of their Meet & Greet and waiting for a compensation for JYP Entertainment, there was no such thing.

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The fandom of GOT7 have expressed as a priority the health of the idols, but the way that JYP Entertainment continues to work with the sale of goods of the group, has been questioned by a “lack” on the sixth anniversary of the boyband and, above all, a neglect to communicate with the fans.