Kim and Dany also suspended concerts in Cuba by coronavirus


The reggaeton cuban Kim and Dany they have also announced the suspension until further notice of their scheduled concerts in Cuba, as a preventive measure against the pandemic coronavirus.

“Attention all of our followers, we inform you that it is totally suspended the concert this Saturday in the Horseshoe Cattle until further notice, to prevent the involvement of this new coronavirus that is plaguing our country, in these moments and as a means of protection for all. I offer apologies from our entire staff for the inconvenience that this may cause. We want them to be,” reads the press release.

“To take care of us all, and you please take care of much that we love you very much”, “Excellent decision, it is time to be love”, “What should I suspend all, here in Europe is really bad the situation, protect yourselves much in Cuba”, “Good decision, you have to be responsible in these moments”, some commented followers.

The reggaeton is located in the middle of his tour of Cuba, which kicked off in Camagüey on march 5, with an explosive concert.

The announcement comes after the Ministry of Culture of Cuba announced the suspension of the artistic events mass in the country “to protect the population and to cooperate with the prevention and confrontation to the coronavirus”.

However, a number of users in the networks are concerned because this is not fulfilling in all the provinces. A person reported to CiberCuba that in the municipality of Buenaventura, Holguín, the authorities suspended the carnivals this weekend, despite the fact that the citizens were asking for.

Cuba has also agreed to close the airports to the growing threat of coronavirus in the region, and despite the fact that the first cases in Cuba are Italian tourists from the region most affected european country, second in the world with more cases of infection and death pot COVID-19.

The singer Leoni Torres has also announced the suspension of their musical engagements within and outside of Cuba.