Kimestu not Yaiba: as Well looks a great COSPLAY of Zenitsu Agatsuma


Zenitsu Agatsuma it is one of the main characters of the famous anime “Kimestu no Yaiba”series japanese that has stood out to be the favorite of the fans in the 2019 and the talented cosplayer called Breeshared a detailed cosplay killer of demons, which dominates the “Breath of thunder”.

Bree it is a popular cosplayer of 23 years of agein your account of Instagram boasts more than 13.6 million followersbeing native of Canada is aware of the famous conventions of anime as “Sakuracon” and without a doubt you wore this when you make your own cosplay Zenitsu Agatsuma.

In the snapshot we see that the cosplayer carries the characteristic uniform of the Demon Slayer, the hair yellow of different lengths, cut from square-shaped to match that of Zenitsu Agatsuma, his haori with patterned white triangle, a white belt around her waist and wide trousers known as “hakama”.

Cosplay Zenitsu Agatsuma

The cosplayer canadian was more than a thousand 800 likes from their followers in Instagram, along with a number of comments which highlighted the similarity of his characterization of the character of Kimestu not Yaiba: “I Love your cosplay”, “my god, my God, that is the best cosplay for Zenitsu that I have seen”, “I Love Demon Slayer and I now see this amazing cosplay of Zenitsu”, are some of those that are read in the publication.

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On the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, this is produced by the studies Ufotable, who worked on the series “Fate/Zero” and “Kara no Church”. Haruo Sotozaki is the director, being a personality with wide experience in works such as “Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas” and “Naruto”, not to mention the spectacular soundtrack is in the hands of Yuki Kajiura and Go Shiina.