Last time Joaquín Sabina (and it’s not good). You just know this


March 15, 2020
(17:19 CET)

The famous do not escape the coronavirus. The covid-19 has infected several well-known faces of our country. And not only that. Many walk concerned with the celebrities who are patients of risk. For example, Joaquin Sabina.

The Spanish singer builds up 71 springs on their backs, and not that there’s been a raft of oil throughout its life and to health. Sabina has suffered a few health issues that, along with habits such as smoking, can cause serious problems in case of being infected.

Sabina gives the scare

The last episode we lived the past February 12, 2020when he suffered an accident in a scenario. It was the last of the many chapters that has ever lived and that makes a patient’s risk.

Long medical history

For example, the August 23, 2001 he suffered a stroke, from which he recovered thanks to the quick intervention of doctors.

Years later, in 2010had to suspend a concert at the Palau de la Música of Barcelona after suffering a “fall home”. Also, a year after he cancelled three concerts in New York, Miami, and Los Áneles for “intestinal problems”. The singer is said to suffer an acute diverticulitis.

The “stomach problems” were repeated in 2014when he had to leave a concert in the Wizink Center before the end.

A year before, in 2013, he was absent from an act of wine-growing in Cariñena, Zaragoza, because of “dizziness from the heat.”

In 2015 she returned to cancel two performances in the Canary islands by a tendinitis in the left foot, while in 2017 had to modify their agenda in Latin america for an operation for ventral hernia.

The list continues with another suspension. This time in Mexico, in 2018, by a blow in the eye which resulted in a “swelling and a hematoma”. The accident, in addition, he had after suffering a “sickness” for “ear problems”.

Pore after would be entered by a thrombophlebitis in the vein, ileofemoral of his left leg, forcing him to reschedule up to four concerts of his tour. While “a dysphonia acute consequence of a process viral“he was forced to cut another concert in half Wizink Center, the June 16, 2018