Leave the television. Jorge Javier Vazquez gets the call. “It’s over”. Last time


March 15, 2020
(17:43 CET)

The coronavirus is changing the future of Spain. With very few who have lived juna situation like that is you live these days, in which the Government has declared a state of alarm.

There are a total of 6.300 infected and 190 deceased since he knew of the first case in our country. And the numbers do not cease to climb.

An issue whose severity shows the break at the world level of football. And that is when the ball stops rolling is that something big is going on.

Belén Esteban “stays at home”

Because no one is a stranger in the covid-19. And also the famous. For example, to Belén Esteban. The tertuliana of Telecinco has been added this Saturday to the decree issued by Pedro Sanchez and it is of which makes it clear that “stays at home”. The princess of the people, reported in Saturday Deluxe would stay at home and not went to the television until the end of the crisis of the coronavirus: “It’s over”. Jorge Javier Vázquez, María Patiño and company already know.

Belen Esteban and Jorge Javier Vázquez | Mediaset

And eye, because of Bethlehem it is not mucus from turkey. The former of Jesulín de Ubrique you have reasons to stay confined at home. This time there is no show.

For her and for the society

On the one hand, you must bear in mind that Bethlehem is diabetic, which puts it in the list of persons in the risk group. “I have a problem, diabetes, I am high-risk. The director called me and told me that it was better that you were at home,” said the tertuliana.

But that is not all. Stephen cares for her, but also for those around him and by society as a whole. And it is that do not forget that your husband Miguel Marcos it is one of those heroes that works in the healing.

“I am very active, I have my routine every day. I go out to breakfast with my friends… with the problem that I have is dangerous. The message that I want to give is that I could be occupying a bed but what the need if I can be in my house. I’m fine. I’m going to sort cupboards, watching movies, reading”, he explained Bethlehem that would make these days of confinement.