Letizia loses the nerves. I caught doing this! Scandal in the quarantine


March 15, 2020
(13:15 CET)

Not being easy days in the House Real. Despite the fact that from Zarzuela they pointed out that the coronavirus had not entered the Palace, the family, and especially the Queen Letizia, maintain all the precautions and controls necessary to avoid any shock.

“The results of the test of detention of COVID-19 made to Their Majesties the Kings have given negative. Following the recommendations of the health authorities, the Queen will remain without activities and do regular checks of the temperature required in these situations”, read the communiqué of the monarchy.

All quiet

The alarm went off when it was learned of the positive Irene Montero, with which he was Letizia the last week sharing contacts, hugs and kisses. But it is not. At the moment it seems that the thing has not had repercussions for the ex Television Spanish outside of having to be confined at home.

irene Montero and Letizia

Now many are wondering how will be the queen killing the free time, and what strategies you will use to eliminate the anxiety accumulated. And there is an activity to count from Zarzuela that has been enhanced in the last few days.

What makes Letizia in quarantine

In the higher areas remind us of the confession of Jaime Peñafiel, affirmed by Leonardo Faccio and his book Letizia, the queen impatient. The one that refers to the bad habit that has the wife of Felipe VI: tobacco. Something that would be used in great extent during these days to lessen the nerves accumulated. And it is not easy to be cooped up at home with the uncertainty of not knowing whether one has or has not, been infected by the covid-19.

Result of image of the princess impatient daily goal

A resource that, according to the experts point out that it causes, should leave these days, because it is known that smokers are more affected by the coronavirus.