Mauricio Ochmann does promotion after announcing his single status?


Mauricio Ochmann he starred for several years one of the couples most “Goals” in the entertainment industry, to be next to Aislinn Derbez with whom she had a daughter, however, few days ago announced their separation in a formal way, through a statement on their official accounts of instagram where you mentioned “that’s why we decided for a time to strengthen the relationship of friendship and stop the couple’s relationship,” ensuring that they would remain as friends. It seems that, to be single again, looking to promote themselves.

Through its Instagram Mauritius Ochamann published a “selfie” casual, in what seemed to be the comfort of your bed, about to take a nap. The actor made use their social networks to tease you a little bit about the collective panic that lives in Mexico thanks to the purchases of a panic for toilet paper and the stock of cleaning supplies, and in many of the supermarkets of the country.

The sexy photography soon to be filled with comments from her followers, where they were not doing more to flatter the actor and his physical attributes, but also some messages asking that segrese with Aislinn Derbez.

“You’re gorgeous, is the only thing that is!!” “Chulada of man” “So beautiful” “Be mine please” were some of the bold comments of his most ardent followers.

Celebrities react to the separation of Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann

The unexpected announcement of the separation of one of the most envied couples from Mexico, taking by surprise not only fans, but also to well-known figures from the theatre mexican, who did not hesitate to share words of encouragement for the now ex-partner.

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“Oh, that is the best! May god be with you and your princess!”, said Andrea Legarreta.

“Everything is for the good. Between Husband and wife no one should put!”, wrote Consuelo Duval. “Blessings to 2. We want you,” said Sandra Echeverría. Without a doubt, both actors have the support of family and friends in the art world, those who hope for the best for them.