Michelle Renaud explodes against those who criticized the appearance of your child


Michelle Renaud it exploded against those who criticized the appearance of her son Marcelo, defending it to the hilt through an emotional message in your Instagram, which is also used to celebrate the three years of age, of the small.

Strong criticism began after the actress Michelle Renaud share in your account of Instagram the celebration of the birthday of Marcelo, who was dressed as Buzz Ligthyear. Photographs began to be criticized by the users.

Among these criticisms, several users pointed out that the son of Michelle Renaud, who is now a partner of the actor Danilo Carrera, had a feminine appearance due to his long hair and features delicate. A fact that obviously caused the discomfort of the actress, who later published a message as a response to all these criticisms.

Michelle Renaud defends his son against the criticism

In this way Michelle Renaud used his account of Instagram to share an image of her with her son Marcelo. A photograph that accompanied along with an emotional message in which the actress expressed being proud of her son, who recently turned 3 years of age.

However, the actress also took this message to send a strong indirect to those who have criticized the appearance of Marcelo, and continued to this emotional message with the following words:

“My love never let the company you determine, you determine your own roll in the society. Always love you so much that…

… irradies to love the whole world as well as you do. Don’t forget that the problems are mental and that all for the more difficult it always happens! We come to be happy and happiness is not the goal is the path. Arriesgate always to do everything you want, don’t be left wanting for nothing. Always respect your ideas as the others, open your mind so that you can live with people closed without his comments will hurt”.

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It was part of the message of Michelle Renaud that obviously was directed at the people who criticized the appearance of the small Marcelo. A forceful message that, as expected, was well received by his followers, who have shown their support and admiration to the actress in her role of mother.