Oh Eva Gonzalez abandons Cayetano Rivera! Last time. “No longer together”


March 15, 2020
(10:13 CET)

In times of crisis is where you note the real union between the couples. The presence of the coronavirus in the Spanish territory, has made out a breaking news story that promises to Eva González and Cayetano Rivera.

According to the measures taken by the Spanish government, the mission of citizens is to stay at home to prevent further spread of the pandemic. Clear that to avoid going out, first be filled with everything you need at home.

Cayetano Rivera

In one of those purchases, Eva González was seen in a supermarket in Sevilla, specifically in Mairena de Alcor. You could note how it is filled with provisions for a long period of time, but waiting for everything to be resolved as soon as possible. His face showed no type of concern.

The box Eve shopping was not a surprise in the least, but the lack of Cayetano Rivera to his side. It was known that the couple was not going through a good time, but this fact serves to confirm that we have separated once and for all.

The evidence indicates that after all the drama that is lived by the coronavirus, will make an official announcement about the end of the relationship.

Eva González in the voice

Eva González puts a pause on your life

The relationship with Cayetano finished is definitive, but it is not the only thing that has distanced these days, because, in the labor market, was forced to halt its participation as host of The voice, The voice Kids and the voice of The Senior.

The life of Eva González it is located in a dead spot as it passes in a situation that is historic for the humanity in the worst possible sense. There will be time to know the versions of the star and Cayetano Rivera about the reasons for the point and end it after 5 years. The storm typically announce that the calm is coming. Will this be the case?