‘OT 2020’ moves the Gala 9 at the Academy because of the risk of coronavirus


The crisis of the coronavirus has crippled Spain, also in relation to the television. After the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers, the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has decreed the “state of alarm” with the statement of not leaving the house unless strictly necessary. That’s why, the direction of ‘Operation Triumph’ has been called upon to make the decision to cancel the performances on set. The Gala 9 Sunday, march 15, he moved to the Academy in a particular way.

The Gala 9 'OT 2020' is not held on set

The Gala 9 ‘OT 2020’ is not held on set

The idea is to do a special program from the own Academy which complies with the regulations of the Government. In this way, only attend part of the jury, while Roberto Leal will present the issue from their own home in Madrid. The idea is to restructure the content so that you can adapt to the limitations that involves the Academy. In sum, Spanish Tv has decided to cancel ‘The chat OT’ to not increase the chances of contagion in the team and to the contestants.

For this reason, the previous idea that was considered was to cancel the Gala. However, Spanish Tv has decided to go ahead and join the challenge of #YoMeQuedoEnCasa, so that the students have prepared a pass from micros special that will sing the songs that they have prepared during the week. In addition, some of the artists that are part of #YoMeQuedoEnCasaFestival will act from their own homes, by way of a virtual artist.

Noemí Galera da keys

Noemí Galera has communicated to you the keys of the special this Sunday called #OTYoMeQuedoEnCasa. The director of the Academy has ensured that the contestants have been able to talk with their families and are happy to continue within the program. “It will be as a pass of micro-luxury. We will be the teachers except Capdevila. We will make connections with the artists and you cantaréis your songs are all made up and dressed as if ye were at the Gala. There will be No dancers for security and it will be a little shorter than usual“explained Galley. In addition, it has been confirmed that “there will be a jury but will be in the hall of expulsion“. It is unknown, for the moment, if there will be expelled or nominees at the end of this special.

‘OT’ is adapted to the regulations

The direction of the program had already taken steps in the preceding days. From two weeks ago, the contestants were forbidden to touch the hands of the public when crossing the runway and during their performances. In the beginning, the Gala 9 was going to be held behind closed doors, with only the company of the teachers for the first time on set next to the triunfitos. Unfortunately, this will no longer be possible.